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Since its foundation, Portland Technologies has embraced open standards and employed the latest technologies in regard to its product development initiatives. These remain the pillars on which the company's technology strategy and vision are based. Because all Portland Technologies products are based on open standards, they present a powerful proposition for any e-business. Open standards like Java also maximize ease of integration with existing applications, infrastructures, and content.
Some of the most successful products, which are designed and developed at Portland Technologies, include:
Application Framework
The ExpressWeb used to implement web based e-business applications is based on popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm. The framework enforces the separation of presentation logic and business logic in an application. The framework also offers the benefits of applying specific security models to the presentation logic and business logic and role separation in a development team, where the work of a page designer can smoothly integrate with the separate work of a business logic developer. Three parts define the separation of presentation logic and business logic.
Model: Encapsulates the business logic and rules and does the business processing, usually implemented by Java Servlets and EJB's.
View:   Uses the result of the business process and constructs the response presented to the user, usually through HTML with JSP templates. The look of the site, how the pages are laid out, how the pages are related to one another, and what exactly appears on each page is defined in templates using template-scripting language and JSP Dynamic pages.
Controller  Manages and controls the interaction between the user and the application. Usually the controller is a servlet that receives the user request and passes all the input parameters to the model servlet that does the actual work. Finally, the controller calls the view to generate the results. In addition controller manages sessions, template caching and the connection pool.
IndiaCatalog.com is a website brought to you by Portland Technologies to provide directory of Indian websites, News, City Guides and profiles of Indian Businesses. Portland Technologies also provides IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses in India.

MaineWideWeb.com is a website brought to you by Portland Technologies to provide business activities at Maine and Attractions at Maine. Portland Technologies also provides IT solutions for Small and Medium Businesses.

Bank Pro
Portland Technologies Bankpro provides e-business solution for co-operative societies and banks in India with complete functionality.

ExpressWeb Framework
Portland Technologies flagship product helps enterprises to build e-business applications and reduce time to market and development costs.

Xpress Shop Administration
Xpress Shop Administration is designed and developed to maintain and administrate online shopping web site.The user can also generate various reports to get information, which can be used to maintaining the Xpress Shop more effectively and efficiently.The transactions are done in a secured way in the XPress Shop by using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and VeriSign server. The VeriSign is a third party vendor, which provides service for Credit Card validations and payment transactions in secure way using SSL protocol.

The Cabadmin Application is used to automate the Cable Network Administration. This product automates various transactions to ease the maintenance of the Cable Network. The Cabadmin Application project mainly consists of the following modules: Details Module, Expenditure, Inventory, Reports.
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